1. Simple Payrun: a guide to creating and executing your very first payrun.
  2. Changing an employee tax code and basis
  3. Changing an employee's NI letter
  4. Changing an empoyee's salary
  5. Adding an employee as director
  6. Paying an employee varying amounts each period
  7. Adding an employee mid year with YTD information
  8. Adding an employee mid year with P45
  9. Creating and managing statutory maternity absence
  10. Creating and managing Statutory sick pay absence (SSP)
  11. Creating and managing statutory paternity absence (SPP)
  12. Creating and managing statutory adoption absence (SAP)
  13. Creating and managing shared parental pay (ShPP)
  14. Claiming the Employment Allowance
  15. Submitting an RTI Employer Payment Summary
  16. Managing an employee leaver and generating a P45
  17. Managing a payment after leaving
  18. Running reports: Payslips
  19. Running reports: P32