AE Assessment

Describes the result of an employee auto enrolment assessment.

AEAssessment [Schema]

Name Type Required Description
Age xsd:integer yes The employee's age as time of assessment.
StatePensionAge xsd:integer yes The employee's state pension age in years.
StatePensionDate xsd:date yes The date the employee is entitled to claim state pension.
AssessmentDate xsd:date yes The date the assessment took place.
QualifyingEarnings Money yes The assessment qualifying earnings.
AssessmentCode AEAssessmentCode yes The assessment code. Indicates the worker type identified during the assessment.
AssessmentEvent AEAssessmentEvent yes The assessment event. Indicates the assessment event type.
AssessmentResult AEAssessmentResult yes The assessment result. Indicates the assessment final result.
AssessmentOverride AEAssessmentOverride yes The assessment override. Indicates the type of assessment override action.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<AEAssessment xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  "AEAssessment": {
    "Age": "123",
    "StatePensionAge": "123",
    "StatePensionDate": "2019-04-16",
    "AssessmentDate": "2019-04-16",
    "QualifyingEarnings": "123.99",
    "AssessmentCode": "Excluded",
    "AssessmentEvent": "NonEnrolmentEvent",
    "AssessmentResult": "Inconclusive",
    "AssessmentOverride": "None"