The API error pipeline will ensure that all errors are caught and returned to the consumer in a consistent way through the ErrorModel in format provided in the original request. This is designed to allow consuming applications a common way to interpret and display useful error messages to the user.

ErrorModel [Schema]

This type is readonly.

Name Type Description
ErrorCategory xsd:string (enumeration)
  • General
  • NotFound
  • NotAuthorised
  • ValidationFailure
The category of the error.
Description xsd:string A brief description of the error.
Errors xsd:string
(list of)

Error Categories

There are four distinct categories of error returned from the API.

  • General - The general error code indicates an unexpected exception has occurred.
  • NotFound - The not found error code indicates that the requested resource could not be found.
  • NotAuthorised - The not authorised error code indicates that the caller is not authorised to access the requested resource.
  • ValidationFailure - The validation failure indicates that the received input cannot be processed due to invalid data. For more details on validation errors and their specific meanings see the Validation page.