Holiday Accrual Scheme

The Holiday scheme data object enables the modelling of holiday entitlement schemes within an employer scope. See revisible objects for more information on revisions and how they work.

HolidayScheme [Schema]

Name Type Required Description
EffectiveDate xsd:date yes The date the revision will come into effect.
Revision Revision no The revision number of the holiday scheme; this is a readonly system generated value.
Code SystemCode no Allows an override of the default pay code used by the holiday scheme.
SchemeKey xsd:string ( min: 1 max: 50)
Pattern: [A-Za-z0-9]*
yes The unique identifier of the holiday scheme. This value remains consistent for the entire history of the holiday scheme.
SchemeName xsd:string ( max: 250) yes The name of the holiday scheme.
SchemeCeasedDate xsd:date no Indicates the date at which the holiday scheme ceased to operate. [Optional]
YearStartMonth xsd:integer ( min: 1 max: 12) yes Indicates the calendar month in which the holiday scheme entitlement period begins.
YearStartDay DayOfMonth yes Indicates the day of month in which the holiday scheme entitlement period begins.
AnnualEntitlementWeeks xsd:double ( min: 0 max: 52) yes Determines the annual number of entitled days holiday for the holiday scheme.
MaxCarryOverDays xsd:double ( min: 0 max: 365) yes Determines the maximum number of entitled holiday days that can be carried over into a new annual holiday entitlement year.
AllowNegativeBalance xsd:boolean yes Indicates if the holiday scheme allows employees to use holiday entitlement before it has been accrued.
BankHolidayInclusive xsd:boolean yes Indicates if the annual entitlement figure includes bank holidays.
AccrualPayCodes SystemCode
(list of)
yes The list of pay codes that contribute to the calculation of holiday entitlement accrual.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<HolidayScheme xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  "HolidayScheme": {
    "EffectiveDate": "2022-01-12",
    "Revision": "123",
    "Code": "string",
    "SchemeKey": "string",
    "SchemeName": "string",
    "SchemeCeasedDate": "2022-01-12",
    "YearStartMonth": "123",
    "YearStartDay": "123",
    "AnnualEntitlementWeeks": "123.99",
    "MaxCarryOverDays": "123.99",
    "AllowNegativeBalance": "true",
    "BankHolidayInclusive": "true",
    "AccrualPayCodes": {
      "PayCode": [