Benefit Pay Instruction

BenefitPayInstruction [Schema]

Name Type Required Description
Code SystemCode yes The code that represents the benefit type and it' treatment.
TotalCost Money yes The total cost (or value) of the benefit.
EmployeeContribution Money yes The amount the employee contributes towards the benefit.
CashEquivalent Money yes The cash equivalent value of the benefit.
AccountingMethod BenefitAccountingMethod yes The accounting method used to report the benefit to HMRC.

Interits from: PayInstruction[Schema]

See Understanding Pay Instructions for more information on how pay instructions can be used.

Name Type Required Description
StartDate xsd:date yes The date the instruction will come into effect.
EndDate xsd:date no The date the instruction will end, open ended instructions will run forever.
Description xsd:string ( max: 200) no The pay line descripton override; this description will override the default description from the pay code. See Customising the Payslip for more information on customising the payslip output and using runtime variables.