Holiday Reclaim Pay Instruction

HolidayReclaimPayInstruction [Schema]

Name Type Required Description
Code SystemCode no The code that represents the pay type and tax treatment. [Optional] if omitted, code "HOLIDAY" is used.
UnitsDepleted xsd:double ( min: 0) no The number of holiday entitlement units depleted during this period of leave. [Optional] If omitted, the number of units between leave start and end are calculated. Note: You must specify the units depleted for irregular paid employees.
LeaveStartDate xsd:date ( min: 2015-04-06) yes The date when the period of leave began. First day of the leave period.
LeaveEndDate xsd:date ( min: 2015-04-06) yes The date when the period of leave ends. Final day of the leave period.
UoM HolidayUom yes Determines the holiday entitlement unit type.
RateOverride xsd:decimal no [Optional] Allows the default statutory holiday payment rate to be overriden. Can be used when there is insufficient payment history [to calculate average].
OffsetPayment xsd:boolean yes Enables to the holiday payment to be offset. When enabled, an additional payment line is generated to negate the value of the holiday payment.
IgnoreInsufficientHistory xsd:boolean yes Allows the calculation of average weekly earnings when there is insufficient pay history. Statutory pay should be calculated using the previous 12 weeks. Enabling this option disables the 12 week requirement and allows the average to be calculated using a shorter date range. Warning: Using this option may lead to non-compliant average weekly earning calculation and you are advised to use the Rate Override option instead.
AweExcludedPayCodes SystemCode
(list of)
yes The list of pay codes to be excluded from average weekly earnings calculation. Payments against excluded codes are not include when average weekly earnings are calculated.

Interits from: PayInstruction[Schema]

See Understanding Pay Instructions for more information on how pay instructions can be used.

Name Type Required Description
StartDate xsd:date yes The date the instruction will come into effect.
EndDate xsd:date no The date the instruction will end, open ended instructions will run forever.
Description xsd:string ( max: 200) no The pay line descripton override; this description will override the default description from the pay code. See Customising the Payslip for more information on customising the payslip output and using runtime variables.
PayLineTag xsd:string ( max: 100) no If specified, the PayLineTag value is used to decorate all child pay lines generated by the instruction.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<HolidayReclaimPayInstruction xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  "HolidayReclaimPayInstruction": {
    "StartDate": "2022-05-18",
    "EndDate": "2022-05-18",
    "Description": "string",
    "PayLineTag": "string",
    "Code": "string",
    "UnitsDepleted": "123.99",
    "LeaveStartDate": "2022-05-18",
    "LeaveEndDate": "2022-05-18",
    "UoM": "NotSet",
    "RateOverride": "123.99",
    "OffsetPayment": "true",
    "IgnoreInsufficientHistory": "true",
    "AweExcludedPayCodes": {
      "PayCode": [