Salary Pay Instruction

The salary pay instruction is used to configure an employee's annual salary. See Setting the Employee Salary for more information.

SalaryPayInstruction [Schema]

Name Type Required Description
AnnualSalary Money yes The employee's gross annual salary.
ProRataMethod ProRataMethod yes The pro-rata method option to be used; the default is not set. See Pro-rata Calculation Methods for more information.

Interits from: PayInstruction[Schema]

See Understanding Pay Instructions for more information on how pay instructions can be used.

Name Type Required Description
StartDate xsd:date yes The date the instruction will come into effect.
EndDate xsd:date no The date the instruction will end, open ended instructions will run forever.
Description xsd:string ( max: 200) no The pay line descripton override; this description will override the default description from the pay code. See Customising the Payslip for more information on customising the payslip output and using runtime variables.