Pay Run

PayRun [Schema]

This type is readonly.

Name Type Description
PayFrequency PayFrequency The pay frequency of the pay run.
PaymentDate xsd:date The date the employees were paid in the pay run.
PeriodStart xsd:date The pay period start date.
PeriodEnd xsd:date The pay period end date.
Executed xsd:dateTime The date when the pay run was executed.
TaxYear xsd:integer The tax year the pay run was in.
TaxPeriod xsd:integer The tax period the pay run was in.
IsSupplementary xsd:boolean Flag to indicate if the pay run should was treated as supplementary.
PaySchedule Link The link to the pay schedule resource used for the pay run.
ProceedingPayRun Link The link to the previous pay run resource.
Sequence xsd:integer The sequence of the pay run in the collection of pay runs.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<PayRun xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  <PaySchedule title="string" href="string" rel="string" />
  <ProceedingPayRun title="string" href="string" rel="string" />
  "PayRun": {
    "PayFrequency": "Weekly",
    "PaymentDate": "2022-01-12",
    "PeriodStart": "2022-01-12",
    "PeriodEnd": "2022-01-12",
    "Executed": "2022-01-12T00:00:00+00:00",
    "TaxYear": "123",
    "TaxPeriod": "123",
    "IsSupplementary": "true",
    "PaySchedule": {
      "@title": "string",
      "@href": "string",
      "@rel": "string"
    "ProceedingPayRun": {
      "@title": "string",
      "@href": "string",
      "@rel": "string"
    "Sequence": "123"