Apprenticeship Levy Reporting Instruction

ApprenticeshipLevyReportingInstruction [Schema]

Name Type Required Description
GrossNiablePay Money no The gross niable pay amount. Represents the amount of NI qualifying pay covered by this apprenticeship levy liability.
Allowance Money no The levy allowance amount. Represents the portion of apprenticeship levy allowance applied to this liability.
TotalAppLevy Money no The total apprenticeship levy amount. Represents the total apprenticeship levy liability excluding the allowance reduction.

Interits from: ReportingInstruction[Schema]

Name Type Required Description
TaxMonth TaxMonth yes
Value Money yes

Interits from: ReportingInstructionBase [Schema]

Name Type Required Description"
StartDate xsd:date yes
EndDate xsd:date no
TaxYear TaxYear yes


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ApprenticeshipLevyReportingInstruction xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
  "ApprenticeshipLevyReportingInstruction": {
    "StartDate": "2022-01-12",
    "EndDate": "2022-01-12",
    "TaxYear": "123",
    "TaxMonth": "123",
    "Value": "123.99",
    "GrossNiablePay": "123.99",
    "Allowance": "123.99",
    "TotalAppLevy": "123.99"