Release Notes v19.20.2.135

Monday, April 22nd, 2019 11:15 AM


  • [PRIO-618] - Enable support for AE opt-out in supplementary run


  • [PRIO-615] - Update developer portal reference data examples to include new "PayRunSequence" property
  • [PRIO-616] - Update Java SDK to include new "PayRunSequence" property


  • [PRIO-609] - New DIR rule to prevent multiple overlapping AOE pay instructions for the same [CaseNumber]
  • [PRIO-611] - Commentary Payslip does not display "supplementary" pay runs correctly
  • [PRIO-613] - Duplicate supplementary payruns for the same payment date
  • [PRIO-614] - Patching pay instructions without explicit data types does not return BAD request status
  • [PRIO-619] - Calling "ToString" on DeleteBatchItem causes null reference exception