Release Notes v19.20.2.99

Thursday, March 21st, 2019 22.35 PM


  • [PRIO-587] - Meta data collections for Employer and Employee
  • [PRIO-589] - Clean up orphan addresses
  • [PRIO-590] - Clean up orphan Tags
  • [PRIO-594] - Clean up orphan Meta Data
  • [PRIO-597] - Add support for custom namespaces in query output.


  • [PRIO-593] - Update documentation to include example stubs for each entity


  • [PRIO-591] - ActiveWithin filter definition absent in serialiser code
  • [PRIO-592] - Add missing CIS Transaction Schema
  • [PRIO-596] - Tag query results for multiple pay lines types not returning expected data types.