Release Notes v20.21.6.74

Monday, February 1st, 2021 19:00pm


  • [PRIO-938] - Update system P32 reports to include Apprenticeship Levy
  • [PRIO-943] - Update authentication Nonce management to expose unexpected SQL exceptions


  • [PRIO-936] - StatutoryRecoveryReportLineGenerator not separating YTD pay lines into period 0
  • [PRIO-942] - RtiType on RtiTransaction model always null
  • [PRIO-944] - SSP Rounding error - Day rate is being incorrectly rounded at 4 decimal places, it should be truncated
  • [PRIO-945] - Users can overwrite read only system report definitions
  • [PRIO-946] - SSP Calculation fails when linked PiW exists via SSP YTD instruction