Release Notes v21.22.1.182

Published to TEST: Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 20:00
Published to PRODUCTION: Tuesday, May 4th, 2021 20:00


  • PRIO-916 Add new pay instruction option: ProRataPayInstruction to support ad-hoc pro-rata payments
  • PRIO-915 Add new pro-rata option - Working days per calendar month


  • PRIO-978 Validation error: HmrcSettings - ContactEmail: The field ContactEmail must be a string or array type with a maximum length of '35'
  • PRIO-977 Pre-calc [Rule0800TaxMissingPayInstruction] creates instruction with invalid start date
  • PRIO-976 P60 Report - use tax code and basis from last PayLineTax instead of TaxPayInstruction
  • PRIO-975 P60 Report - exclude starter in future tax years
  • PRIO-966 Batch processing failure to roll back transaction (race condition)


  • PRIO-979 Minor improvement to generated EF SQL queries