Release Notes v21.22.2.40

Published to TEST: Thursday, June 4rd, 2021 10:30
Published to PRODUCTION: Monday, June 7th, 2021 20:15


  • PRIO-981 Handle SspExclusionRuleContractEnd throwing [Object not set to instance of an object] exception during payrun calculation when absence start is before first employee revision date.
  • PRIO-854 Orphaned [PayInstruction] records for Post Graduate Loans - NULL [InstructionType]


  • PRIO-993 Extend employer tagging to include EPS transmission required tag
  • PRIO-991 Add support for retrospective leaving dates. Update DIR1011 to allow historic leaving dates when no FPS has been submitted
  • PRIO-980 New DIR rules for AbsenceYtdPayInstructions to ensure absence start date cannot be before the earliest employee revision
  • PRIO-583 Update all Pre-Calc rules to validate changes using the Date Integrity Rule service
  • PRIO-151 Include Index ReBuild SQL script execution as part of nightly jobs.