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HMRC Recognition
We are pleased to announce that has been awarded HMRC recognition status for the 2017/18 tax year.

Hello and welcome!

It has been one of our core aims to make using this API as simple as possible for the you, the developer.

Payroll is a complex domain with a lot of strange terminology and edge case rules. The primary goal is to abstract away from this complexity but there will inevitably be areas that could be improved. If would like further features, examples or improvements please just send us an email we'll be happy to help.

To get started we suggest first reading Creating Your First App or exploring the API's capabilities using our Swagger UI.

Supported Features

Our currently support features are:

  • Full support for 2016/17 and 2017/18 tax years
  • Employer and Employee setup
  • Full tax and NI calculations
  • Directors NI (annual and alternate methods)
  • Multiple pay schedules (weekly, monthly, 2-weekly, 4-weekly)
  • Supplementary payruns
  • Predefined reports:
    • Payslip
    • NetPay
    • Gross2Net
    • P11
    • P32
    • P60
    • P45
  • Custom reporting and live querying
  • Full Calculation Commentary
  • P45 entry
  • Student Loans (plan 1 + 2)
  • Employment Allowance
  • YTD values entry
  • Statutory Absences:
    • SSP
    • SMP
    • SPP
    • SAP
    • ShPP
  • Small Employer relief
  • Salary Pro-rata
  • Payments after leaving
  • Tagging Support (Employer, Employee, PaySchedule, PayRun and PayCode)
  • CIS Suffered
  • Apprenticeship Levy
  • Pensions
    • Cash and percentage schemes
    • Relief at source
    • Salary sacrifice schemes
    • Net pay arrangements
    • Additional voluntary contributions
  • HMRC DPS Service Message Processing

Our Roadmap: Coming Soon

  • Auto Enrollment assessments
  • P45 and P60 Pdf report rendering
  • Holiday
  • Court Orders
  • BACS
  • CIS